About Us

CareDigital is a privately held company.

The company was formed to address the chairside and bedside point-of-care market in North America with unique, time-tested products and services that provide personalized benefit to patients and clinicians.

The principals of CareDigital have over 60 years of combined expertise in the development, integration and support of value-based patient entertainment, information and educational systems.

Our services include all elements associated with the design, implementation and support of low-voltage healthcare systems with a particular focus in chairside and patient room television and touchscreen deployment.

Our expertise includes touch screen technology that is used for entertainment, education, information, enhanced patient quality and clinical applications that build upon optimum clinical outcomes including: Personal Health Record, Medication Administration and Patient Safety in over 750 hospitals and 20 clinics.

The principals have a rich knowledge of new healthcare construction (union and non-union), renovation and current facility; and have been involved in hundreds of such integration projects.

Drawing from our many years experience in serving the ever-evolving entertainment needs of patients, VeraVu, our interactive communication system, is designed for intuitive operation while providing the patient with a rich, yet highly reliable media experience.  We have developed VeraVu to be retrofit with virtually any LCD healthcare television or touchscreen; therein bringing customers added value to previous patient room or clinic technology investments